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Opala expands commitment to improve healthcare with seamless data exchange.

Sequoia Project partners with Opala on major data usability project

Posted by Anthony Gomes on August 10, 2023

We are thrilled to share some exciting news! We are proud to announce a new collaboration with The Sequoia Project's 'Data Usability Taking Root' Initiative. This cross-industry community of practice aims to revolutionize health data usability, bringing us one step closer to achieving seamless and impactful healthcare interoperability. 

At Opala, we've always been committed to driving positive change in the healthcare landscape. Our partnership with The Sequoia Project's Data Usability Taking Root Initiative aligns perfectly with our vision to improve healthcare outcomes through the seamless exchange of health data.

What Does Data Usability Mean for Opala? Good question. 

 For us, data usability is not just a buzzword – it represents our unwavering commitment to making health data more actionable, complete, and accessible. The goals of The Sequoia Project's Data Usability Initiative resonate deeply with our core values as we work towards a healthcare industry that: 

  1. Empowers better outcomes. For healthcare providers, access to comprehensive and accurate health data is like having a compass in the storm – guiding them towards delivering the best possible care. By enhancing data completeness, we can ensure that patients receive more personalized and effective treatments. 
  2.  Fosters timely decision making. In the fast-paced world of healthcare, timely access to high-quality data is crucial for making informed decisions that positively impact patient care and outcomes. With data usability, healthcare providers can act swiftly and confidently. 
  3. Unlocks actionable insights. Usable health data is the key to unlocking meaningful insights that drive action. By empowering healthcare providers with actionable data, we equip them to make data-driven decisions that optimize patient care. 
  4. Drives consistency. Establishing standardized data usability guidance ensures consistency in data exchange across various healthcare technologies, fostering a more connected and efficient healthcare ecosystem.
Above all, data usability is about putting patients first. Making health data more useful is not just an option; it's our responsibility to improve healthcare for all. 

 "Joining The Sequoia Project's Data Usability Taking Root Initiative is an exciting milestone for Opala,” said Ken Chandler, CEO of Opala. “We believe that accessible, complete, and usable health data is the cornerstone of improved patient care and better healthcare outcomes. Our participation in this initiative underscores our dedication to creating a positive impact on the healthcare landscape and advancing the cause of seamless health data exchange." 

At Opala, we really are passionate about driving transformative change in the healthcare ecosystem. By collaborating with like-minded organizations through The Sequoia Project's Data Usability Taking Root Initiative, we are working towards a future where health data flows seamlessly between stakeholders, ultimately benefiting patients and providers alike.  

We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and remain committed to making healthcare interoperability a reality. Together, we can make a profound difference in healthcare. 


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