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Opala Runner Up in PSBJ's Seattle Inno Madness Competition

Posted by Opala on April 12, 2023

We are pleased to share that Opala was recognized as this year’s runner-up in the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Inno Madness competition. The competition was designed to recognize some of the most promising startups in the Seattle area and brought together 16 startups to compete in a bracket-style tournament. Over the course of several weeks, readers determined the winners by selecting which of the startups they would rather invest in. 

We called on our network of employees, clients, and vendors to spread the word and help us get the vote out. Originally seeded at spot 14, Opala won head-to-head matchups against Proprio, Ridwell and Artly Coffee in the first three rounds before losing to Oggvo, a reputation management startup, in the final round. Seeding was determined based on a variety of factors, including company size, business focus, funding, and mission.


We credit our success in the competition to our unique approach to solving one of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry: how to effectively facilitate the exchange of patient data. Opala has developed a platform that helps healthcare providers and health insurance companies organize and analyze patient data in real-time, allowing them to make more informed decisions and provide better care to their patients.


Thank you to the Puget Sound Business Journal for including us in this year’s competition, and we look forward to participating in future events. We are pleased to have placed so well in the competition, especially in the company of such an impressive roster of other local startups.


For more information about the Puget Sound Business Journal or the Inno Madness competition, please visit: https://www.bizjournals.com/seattle/inno

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