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Posted by Opala on April 27, 2023

Excellence, Innovation, Integrity & Inclusivity: Opala’s Values

We are pleased to share our company values; an updated reflection on what makes Opala unique and how we navigate our journey as a healthcare interoperability partner. These values will shape our interactions with each other and in the larger health care community.  

Excellence: We are determined to deliver quality through continuous improvement. 


At Opala, excellence is a journey – we are constantly in pursuit of doing better. We are committed to delivering a high-quality product, customer experience and team. We hold our team to the highest standards and take the time to be thoughtful upfront about the work.


Innovation: We are constantly looking forward. As industry leaders, we’re setting the standards. 


Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our participation in groups like HL7 Da Vinci, where we determine the data exchange standards in healthcare technology. Our goal is to revolutionize how healthcare is delivered, and we can only achieve that through new thinking. We are committed to leading the industry by developing best practices in data exchange.


Integrity: We are thoughtful, principled, and accountable to each other and our customers. 


We understand the responsibility and trust that our customers place in us as their interoperability partner. Leading with integrity means that we follow through with our commitments, are honest about our limitations, and hold ourselves and each other accountable. At the end of the day, we want to feel good about what we do and proud of how we do it.


Inclusivity: We are committed to cultivating a community that encourages all perspectives, experiences, and expertise. 


We are very proud to be part of a team that is made up of so many diverse people – diversity of experience, expertise, and background. We purposefully invite people in who have different skill sets, locations, and histories and those differences make us a stronger, more complete team.


We do more than encourage diversity within our walls. We interact with many partners in the health ecosystem and consider them to be part of a much larger community centered around our shared interest in making healthcare better for all.

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