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In order for VBCs to work, providers need an accurate way to identify which patients are attributed to them.

Looking to Maximize Revenue? Try Attribution Rosters

Posted by Anthony Gomes on January 19, 2024

If you’re looking to reduce administrative costs, you’re not alone. Inflation, rising staffing expenses, and an aging American population are all contributing to difficult economic conditions.  

Fortunately, the Opala Health Data platform can help you maximize revenue and reduce your administrative costs. Opala’s  Attribution API is a game-changer that delivers real-time value-based contract attribution patient rosters so that providers know which patients to focus on for highest reimbursement.    

Value-based contracts aligns incentives for plans and providers to keep healthy patients healthy and allows them to focus on high-risk patients before they incur expensive emergency room visits and hospitalizations.  In order for VBCs to work, providers need an accurate way to identify which patients are attributed to them.  

Historically, the cumbersome process of identifying which patients are attributed to a value-based contract has resulted in errors and uncertainties about comprehensive care eligibility. Opala collaborated with a large, regional health insurance carrier to deliver patient rosters to providers in a completely automated and standardized way. The results were transformative— a 60% decrease in error rates, a 10-minute elimination in time-to-match, and an impressive 97% match rate. 

Opala's solution not only streamlines operations but also fosters collaboration between payers and providers, aligning them toward a common goal—improving patient care — and unlocks the benefits of value-based contracts.  

As economic challenges persist, the Opala Attribution API emerges as a strategic solution, offering a seamless way to navigate the complexities of healthcare. By embracing attribution rosters and value-based care, organizations can not only weather economic headwinds but also thrive in an era where collaboration, real-time data access, and adherence to interoperability standards are the keys to financial success in the healthcare industry. 

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