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HAPPENING NOW: Banjo Health and Opala Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Prior Authorization with AI and Interoperability.
Harness the power of integrated data to improve healthcare


Unleash your data

You're sitting on a gold mine of data. Turn that data into a competitive advantage and
gain insights you need to grow revenue, decrease expenses,
and improve patient outcomes.

Opala leverages decades of industry experience to build software exclusively for healthcare



Healthcare providers need accurate and complete patient data to improve quality and outcomes. Opala identifies care gaps and streamlines workflows for better administrative efficiency.



From health plans to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), Opala has you covered. Opala helps you unlock new revenue, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce administrative waste.

Clean data. Pristine insights.


Gain efficiency

Eliminate manual processes and administrative resources so you can focus on high-value activities. 


Automated & scalable

Automated solutions ensure scalability as your patient population grows. Automate what you need, fine tune what you want.


Safe, secure, & reliable

Our solutions are built by leaders with decades of experience in health and technology who know what it takes to be safe and secure.

The power of our platform

Opala aggregates multiple data sources in any format to streamline and enhance your data.
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Hear from our customers:

"Since implementing Opala, patient matching has improved and we are able to see patient benefits in real-time, which allows us to earn higher reimbursement for value-based care."

-Anna Taylor, Associate Vice President of Population Health and Value-Based Care at MultiCare.

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Payer founded. Industry focused.

We were founded from a payer, so we know claims data like nobody else. But we also bridge every area of the healthcare ecosystem to fill the gaps in your data.

Using Opala's APIs

Opala’s Developer Toolkit provides complete support to third-party application developers using Opala APIs.


Additional resources


Attribution API streamlines value-based-contracting


PDex formulary API ensures provider access to patient medication information


Improving the patient experience: Unlocking value-based care

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